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How flexible are your terms?

Whether it’s short-term or long term, we have got you covered with our flexible trailer rental solutions. Ask us today.

What if I need some trailers moved at my location

We can shunt your storage trailer from our storage yard back to your facility when needed. We have a shunt tractor specifically designed for yard shunting.

What if I need something on the trailer? 

We can return the trailer to you and wait while you unload it or drop it and pick it up when you are ready. Many of our customers use the trailers as portable warehousing.
They store various products on trailers, and call them back as required removing one product as they need it and replacing it with another. It is like having a warehouse on wheels!

What if I don’t have space on my site?

Store the trailer in our gated yard! We are the only occupant of the yard helping to increase security and keep your goods safe.
The yard is locked every night and is fully lit and fenced. It is conveniently located just outside Hamilton and Great Toronto Ares and minutes from the 403, QEW, and 401.

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